Saturday, September 13, 2014

Has it really been almost a year since I posted???? Good grief, time has just flown by!

I am a bad blogger. After documenting the process of getting pregnant and all throughout my pregnancy, I just didn't have much time to update :-(

Let me get caught up:

1. Genny is now nearly 15 months old! She is just over 17 pounds (still a sprout!), she has 12 teeth (yes, it's insane how quickly they burst through but were just miserable!), she is scooting on her butt with the use of her hands and is figuring out her balance for standing/walking - she is not there yet though. She talks (several words), she sings, laughs, smiles, has learned to give hugs and kisses. She is just the happiest kid and such an amazing gift to our lives.

2. We have moved - we downsized in February. We just could not afford to keep going with the house as it was and being able to enjoy our lives as a family. It was a wise decision and although it was difficult to walk away from the house that we loved so much, it is better in the long run for us. We now live less than 2 blocks from Aaron's mom and that is just amazing. She gets to see Genny for "grandma" time several times a week! It's awesome!

3. Aaron finished school in May and is starting the process of job hunting in his field of computers. He has some potential jobs on the horizon and any help would be amazing at this point - day care is expensive!