Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School's Out for the Summer!

School's out!! It's actually been out since Friday, but I had some technology training Monday/Tuesday and was still dealing with my tutoring student and getting her done for the year. That has been a bigger issue than I thought it was going to be...her illness (anorexia/bulimia) has prevented her from really being able to focus on her school work because of her lack of nutrition. I have spent hours with her lately just simply trying to get her to finish up the work for the semester so that my summer can start. She doesn't understand because I am not sure with how advanced her illness is that she can understand, how it has affected my life.

On the other hand, our journey toward being a family is still plugging along slowly. I had my meds upped this month and I thought it was going to kill me! The mood swings were so intense and it just made me feel so funky. We just had a positive ovulation test so now we are in the dreaded waiting window, which I won't know an answer until at least June 9. I will be at my friend Sandi's then because she is due June 14th and I said I would come help her during the time she is unable to do many things for herself. I really hope that we caught the timing just right this month and I don't have to take those meds again!! They were bad news bears on me!! I don't know what I would do without Aaron though, he kept me calm when I felt like a woman on the edge of things. He made me take time for myself when I couldn't think straight and I appreciate that in him so much more than he may know.

My main objective for the summer after I get back from my friend's house is to get the new house in order completely. This is not going to be an easy task but at least I can work on it at my own pace over the summer. I just don't like not knowing where things are and having to search through a million boxes to find anything is really annoying. I know it will get there eventually!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Luck on the 1st Try

I went for the blood work and it was a no go this first try.

It was really hard and I was so upset when I found out. Now, I am just ready to move on and start again. I don't really want to keep dwelling on it.

This week has been a rough has been pretty heavy in terms of the amount of stuff to get done, the students are all ready for the end of the year, and honestly, so are the teachers! Now I am just ready to spend the summer getting our house in order, I am very much looking forward to that because then it can feel more like home.