Sunday, October 21, 2012

Been awhile - life is hectic

The past few weeks have been a touch on the hectic side. Teaching has been a busy time, grad school is kicking my brain's in, and life in general has become full. All of this has made the past 2 months since the last IVF move quickly. I think this is great because we haven't been able to dwell on the pain, we have spend much time talking about it all and our feelings.

We are ready to go forward now.

I went Friday to have an ultrasound and blood work to see if we are ready to go for the frozen transfer (FET for short). The results came back in the good area so we are set on the schedule for Friday - we don't know when exactly yet the appointment will be, we find that out on Thursday. Tonight starts the up kick of medications and the dreaded shot of progesterone everyday (seriously, in the butt and it is not comfortable at all - a tragic step that needs to be done, but I really don't like when Aaron has to do it for the 5 minutes or so everyday, I really don't like him very much).

We are nervous to begin it all again, although this prep for the FET has been nothing compared to what it was under the fresh IVF cycles. It's a difficult thing to deal with after the early miscarriage, but we have to focus our attention on the new positive times for our family. Our tentative plan right now is to do the FET, if it does not work we are moving onto another option. We are going to start investigating the idea of using a surrogate to carry our child. We are not sure why I cannot seem to get this done, but that's okay at this point.

I have had a difficult time coming to accept this as a women, but I believe I have gotten there after 3 IVFs I have had to do some internal searching on my feelings. Aaron and I deserve to have a family, we deserve to have our dream, and this may be a good option for us to use.

Here we go again.