Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ugh - more medicine

Tonight starts my next round of Femara, which don't get me wrong is so much better than Clomid, but it's still not pleasant. I wish that my stupid body would just work the way it was supposed to and we wouldn't have to go through all of this chaos.

My fertility med cocktail: 1 pre-natal vitamin, 2 Metformin, and 2 Femara pills all to be taken after dinner. The pre-natal and Metformin are all the time, but now I am adding the Femara back in again for the next 5 days.

Then it's back to the waiting game...which equals how many things can I cram into my life to help me stay busy until I get the + OPT again and we start the last IUI we are planning to do. Pressure much??? I think that it's going to be one of those months that is really hard for us because of the pressure of it being our last time in this situation before we move onto more intense stuff. We have run into this before, the last few months we were on Clomid, the pressure because we knew that things were getting more intense made it really tough to get in the mood. It's similar to being timed - you have 5 minutes and GO! Who finds this to be sexy??? Neither of us to be sure.

Oh and I think if I hear how if we just relax on vacation to Vegas next month, it will happen, I may have to scream. Everyone keeps saying that to us as if that is going to make us feel better and less frustrated all of a sudden - oh just wait until vacation. Nope...not when my body doesn't ovulate on its own and needs medical intervention to happen. It won't happen. The only thing that will happen is that we will get a break from the chaos that is our lives right now - that's it.


  1. People are not telling you to relax. For real? People are so crazy sometimes. :) Yay for having a cycle & blog buddy though! When you're swallowing a fist full of pills tonight, know that I am doing the same and sending you positive vibes!

  2. Oh I have a least 1 person per day tell me that...buttheads.

    I had my fertility cocktail tonight followed up with an actual cocktail, a little something to help the medicine go down...wait that was supposed to be sugar, there's sugar in wine right??? HAHAHA!!!!

  3. Oh that is fantastic!! I didn't even think of that. I only had champagne in the house. (Leftover from NYE, we're not that fancy.) I like the way you think, girlfriend. :)

  4. There is no judgment here, I drank cheap wine (seriously Arbor Mist)...but it tasted great since I haven't drank in awhile.

  5. I did IVF with my ex husband because he had problems with drugs which made his count low. Since then I have divorced him and found a wonderful new man that really wants kids. My new OBGYN has me on clomid. She said that will work and lose weight. Well that would be great if i could. We have been trying for a few months to change our diet. Time will tell if it is working. But I am about done with my family and why havent you had kids yet. Reallly. I just dont tell them about my health problems. I have Endo and was told back in 2004 and had 4 surgeries back then for it and I was told to take time to let my body heal.

  6. I understand completely, I did the Clomid and it was rough!!! People just need to get in a situation where they are struggling with something really emotional and see how it feels when people tell them to basically get over it.