Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Parent Should Not Have to Bury Their Child

One of the major things in life that make me sick is the idea of a young person being buried by their parent. What a heart-wrenchingly sad and painful experience that I hope none of my friends and family have to experience.

Here was this beautiful young girl, full of spunk and spirit, full of stubbornness and laughter whose poor heart could not handle the stress that her body had gone through. Eventually, her heart couldn't keep up and just stopped. At 18 years old, she was just starting her life - beginning her adventure in the world. Anorexia and bulimia are difficult diseases under the best of circumstances and fighting for years and years wore down her body.

We went to the visitation today and I just wanted to pay my respect to the family. It never gets any easier no matter how much older I become.

I waited to speak to the mother at the visitation and it was painful. She said to me, "We never thanked you for all you did to help our daughter when you were her teacher so thank you for fighting so hard to help her succeed. Sam always loved you."

Hit me right to the gut with that comment. Here I have been dealing with all my own personal issues and this mother on one of her worst days pays me a compliment - that is remarkable and painful all at once.

I hope she finds the peace she longed for in her life and heaven became a little brighter with the laughter of this beautiful girl who never saw herself that way. RIP Samantha, it was my honor to be your teacher.

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