Friday, November 30, 2012

A scary day I am glad is over

The last 24 hours have been filled with anxiety.

Last night, I started having pretty bad cramps with much red spotting. It wasn't a little amount and it freaked me out tremendously. After a few hours, it was still bad so we called the on-call doctor to see what we could do and their recommendations to move forward. She said that I need to take some tylenol, drink as much as I could and call the doctor's office in the morning to have an appointment set up right away.

Okay, super freak out time.

I sobbed and sobbed because I was so scared that we were miscarrying after everything we went through to get pregnant.

It was a very scary night with restless sleep and anxiety.

At the appointment today, I had another ultrasound. Thankfully, the baby was still there and the heart was pumping away strongly - 149 beats per minute and had grown so much. Little GW was so much bigger than they were last week. I was able to hear the heartbeat loud and clear, it was the most wonderful sound in the world particularly after the way I spent the evening.

The best news is that the hematoma was gone, it was not there anymore!

I sat down with the RE and we talked for awhile about everything, she said that I did the right thing by calling the on-call doctor and coming in early to have a scan to make sure things were all right. She said she wants me on rest this weekend, taking it easy all weekend and calling her on Monday morning. She also said she wants to see me again next week to make sure I felt more informed about everything.

Whew, what an emotional roller coaster day.


  1. I know bed rest is stinky and I'm so glad everything worked out. Maybe it's the IF in me, but I still check the t.p. after going pee. Each day is a step closer to holding your perfect little miracle. And'll have a whole new set of what ifs and worries! My parents gave me this advice when I told them I was nervous in the beginning: "We haven't had a sound night's sleep in 30 years." :)

  2. Glad all checked out ok. I know how scary that is! I had a big smear of red on the tp at almost 15 weeks and totally flipped out. Take it easy and rest as much as you can. Save up that energy for your newborn this summer!

  3. I am so sorry you had to deal with that scare. That happened to my three times when I was pregnant with my second and twice with my first, and I was terrified every time, especially because of the prior miscarriage. Never did figure out what caused it. I am so just so happy everything was okay!