Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now temping/Charting

I talked to my doctor's office yesterday (on my lunch break from jury duty..ick) about setting up my yearly exam. I told them about how we are TTC but are uncertain about the timing of everything due to the funky cycles I had before the IUD. They told me that I need to start temping/charting until my appointment in March so we have some data to look at to figure it out if it hasn't happened by that point.

Ick....this was what we didn't want to do, get all stressed and regimental about it. I know that it works for many people but I was hoping not to have to do it. Unfortunately, she is right and it will help us figure it out.

I really hope this month goes better than last month although we are aware that it may take multiple cycles for us to get pregnant. One can hope though!

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