Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open house and the overwhelming anxiety has officially kicked in

Aaron and I went to look at a house today that I had found months ago on the internet. I LOVED it! It's way more of a house than we should be able to afford in our budget, it's not perfect by any means.

Aaron on the other hand has some reservations...not deal-breaker reservations, just enough to want to look at more houses. I agree with that, we are just starting our search for our new home so getting settled on one place is setting ourselves up for frustration. I am going to make some appointments for next weekend to see some more houses, I just hope it doesn't take us too long to find what we want.

After we got home, the overwhelming responsibility hit me like the Wicked Witch got a house dropped on her. I know that I am one of those people who always jumps to the worst-case scenario to deal with things before I can think more rationally. I am aware of this and know that I do this, but it is tough for Aaron to watch me be upset. He does not like to see me feel like that, but he has learned that it's part of my process to get to a good spot with whatever it is.

I just want to know that we can do this, I have fear happening which is not normally an emotion for me. Aaron said he felt the same way before they bought this house, but it worked out just fine. He kept telling me that everything would be great and get done, we just have to be patient with the unknown variables that we have in the situation. Hopefully things get some sort of momentum here in the not terribly distant future, I am so bad at the waiting game!!

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