Saturday, September 15, 2012

I think the universe has a sick sense of humor

Last night, my wonderful husband and I were on our way to have a dinner and date night out just the two of us. It had been kind of a rough week (as tends to happen when you are a one income family and the bills pile up and up). We were going to go out to celebrate my pay raise and to do something I have wanted to do for 3 months - get a memorial tattoo for my mom.

As we are driving and about to get on the highway, we get a phone call that redirects our entire life right now.

Aaron's mother calls to say that his grandmother, who is 97 years old, is having gall bladder issues and they are going to have to do surgery. Now the surgery itself is not a complicated in removing her gall bladder but it is dramatically complicated due to her age.

We came to the hospital immediately to be with his family right now.

I had to make sure that Aaron's mother was taking care of herself because she doesn't do that in stressful times, she had been at the hospital since 3:30 am, had hardly eaten much food and was completely exhausted.

We are back here super early because the doctor was going to come in and talk about when they want to do the surgery.

It is very scary due to the potential issues and to watch another family go through something I just recently went through with the serious family trauma.

Why the hell does this stuff keep happening right now??? Can't anyone get a break?

So we are just waiting now to find out what the plan is going to be and here with many items to work on throughout the day with not knowing if they are going to do surgery today. I am made sure that Aaron's mother was not having to worry about driving herself, has eaten breakfast, and is taken care of because she is focusing her attention on her mother.

I would be great with 2012 ending anytime now and being able to move onto something better.

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  1. I'm with ya! Still sending love and hope. I hope peace finds your family very soon!