Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thank you Augusta

Today as we have been at the hospital with Aaron's grandmother Augusta, I thought about how my life would be different without her influence. She has been in the hospital since last week - her kidneys have shut down as well and she has not been awake since Thursday afternoon. Today, her breathing has slowed tremendously and as I write this, her pulse has slowed down to a level almost undetectable.

1.) I would not have my wonderful mother-in-law, Kara in my life. I am so grateful to have her as my mother-in-law and I hope she reads this. Kara, your support from the very beginning of my relationship with your son has been an unparalleled source of support. I am so glad and so happy that we have such a great relationship between the us. I know that no matter what, you are there to support Aaron and me. There are no words for that aside from thank you. You will be a fantastic grandmother.

2.) Without Kara, there would be no Aaron my amazing husband and best friend. I can not imagine my life without him and am beyond thankful everyday for the random meeting at a graduation party. The influence of his grandmother and mother on him and the importance of good relationships between husband and wife is unmatched. He is a great husband because of the women he grew up with all his life.

3.) The amazing extended family of aunts, cousins, and their wives. Marla and Clair, Kale and Katie, Dane an Stephanie - you are my family and all the support from you has helped us keep our sanity through the craziness we have been through. Aaron and I would be lost without you.

A great woman who was in charge of a great family and I have been privileged to be part of it for 5 years.


  1. This is such a nice tribute Christine - I feel very blessed to be a part of this family too!

  2. Christine--I am very blessed to have you for a daughter in law. I love you and Aaron more than words can say, and I am thankful each day to have you in my life. You have been wonderful these past two weeks--I could not have made it without you. You have my eternal gratitude and all my love.