Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally on the mend, looking forward to starting the next step!

Well, I spent a week in hell with a stomach virus on top of the antibiotics. I missed 3 days of work, which is unheard of for me. BUT - finally after a whole week of this nonsense, I am on the tail end of it all. My glands are down (thank god!) and my stomach has finally settled down. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

Now, comes the question of when will we get to start the preparation for the IUI? Since coming off the Clomid, I am not sure how this cycle is going to go so we can get started on the next one which will be our first (and hopefully ONLY) attempt at the IUI. I still have a few days until we will know what the real scoop is with it.

It should come as no surprise that we are anxious to get it going on. We started trying in November of last year, trying with serious effort in February and it's now December...that's a long time. I know there are women who have been doing this for so much longer than we have, but I don't know how they have kept their cool through it all. It is so difficult to maintain positive thoughts through each month that goes on without success. I have to have faith in the process, in the doctor's positiveness with it, and in the desire we have for it to work.

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