Monday, November 29, 2010


I have decided that my body hates me.

I finally felt better from the stupid Metformin, then I wake up Saturday with swollen glands. Really???? Come on all ready!! I am on antibiotics and have to go for another follow up appointment on Friday. I went today after going to urgent care yesterday and she said that she doesn't see anything immediate aside from the swelling. She wants to see how the antibiotics work for a few more days before getting too excited and nervous. I felt better after that because it did make me worried, if she thought there was a major issue she would have sent me for more testing.

I really wish my body would get it together all ready. The doctor said she wouldn't be surprised if suddenly slowing down after everything wasn't contributing to part of the issue and my glands were just quickly responding. I guess we will see what happens. It does feel somewhat better than it did yesterday, so we will see what happens.
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