Thursday, March 10, 2011

The longest 2 weeks ever!

Here we are just about 1 week into the longest 2 weeks I think we have had since we started this journey.

Other months, we kind of knew it wasn't going to work and therefore the wait wasn't too bad. This month with the best odds we have had, the wait is painfully slow. Everyday seems to be an eternity and the date of testing seems like 3 more weeks from now.

I would normally consider myself a patient person, until we started trying to have a family. With this, I am NOT a patient person and I am kind of disturbed by the change in my own personality. I have found myself to be much more short-tempered in all aspects of my life as we go through this and I wonder if that has anything to do with just being distracted all the time.

Let's be serious, when in your life do you need to know this much about your body? Basal body temperatures, cervical mucus, cramping, + or - ovulation tests, sex every other day (some go with the everyday but my RE said every other day is the way to go). It is just too much information about myself, and I live in me everyday!

I cannot wait until I am not spending all of my time tracking these things - it's annoying and takes up a ton of time.

Tomorrow I go for the progesterone test before school - let's hope it's high enough I don't have to go on a supplement (on top of the other meds I am taking!)


  1. I had to goon progesterone and it's not fun but WELL worth it! Wishing you good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Lynette! I am still waiting for the results back, I went in first thing this morning and they were going to rush them to my doc.