Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring break with snow

My school district did a long weekend rather than a week long spring break this year, today is the last day of it and tomorrow is back to school. While it's been nice to have a little bit of extra time to myself, I have to say that the snow at the end of March that came on Friday and Saturday could have stayed away.

I finished my next round of medicine on Friday and we are looking April 4-6 as the approximate time frame for the next procedure. At least now we know that my body responds to Femara approximately the same way that it did with Clomid. That's sort of comforting because that means I may be able to save myself from having to do injectable medicines in place of the Femara. I hope that we don't get to that point because I really don't have to have to give myself injections everyday for it to work. However, if we get to the IVF stage, I guess I will just have to suck it up and deal with it at that point. Ick. I have visions of forcing myself to do it and being incredibly nervous the first few times, or worse having Aaron give them to me. I think he would have a really hard time with that part if it comes to that.

We are working on being more positive about things even aside from the approximate 2 weeks we are waiting to see if the procedure worked or not. This is so much easier said than actually done as many things in this stupid process seem to be. I am working on not focusing on the negative aspects (ie. side effects of meds, lack of sleep, etc) that can come before the procedures themselves. Unfortunately, the mind wanders too much for its own good and I jump around. When people would ask about it all this week knowing that I had just finished the medicine, we were more positive saying we were preparing ourselves for another round of the IUI. Other times, we might have just gone on and on about the terrible side effects that I have experienced.

That doesn't mean I don't have any side effects, in fact the opposite is true. The second month I was on Clomid was much worse than the first and the same is true of Femara. The first month wasn't too bad, but this month was rough. I had much worse nighttime sweats, my hands and feet were swollen (apparently a very common side effect that I was not aware of and when it happened, I thought I was going to need to cut my wedding ring off my hand because it was hurting!!) as well the headaches. I know all of it will be worth it in the end and that when I am actually pregnant so many other afflictions will be present, but man sometimes I felt like I was standing in the inner circle of Dante's Inferno and couldn't even handle being in clothes! Overshare? Maybe...but an unfortunate reality of side effects.

My RE joked with me that after all that we have been through with trying to get pregnant, I should be in for an easier time of actually being pregnant. One can hope that's true! Between the emotionally and physically draining time spent on this and just the amount of time it has gone one - bring on the morning sickness, swollen feet, stretch marks, strange food cravings, and indigestion! I am ready for it.

Well, tomorrow is back to the grind of work and the chaos that comes with the 4th quarter of being a schoolteacher and the sooner we get through it, the sooner summer is here and I can't wait!

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