Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The anticipation is killing me

I am so ready to know when this all is going to happen. It is about killing me to know that it could be any day. It is hard to understand how these last few days have been harder than any other part of the waiting. I think it comes with knowing I am so close to it, every second takes an eternity to pass. I am just on pins and needles waiting to know.

It is often a struggle not to let all of these ideas not run through my mind all the time. Of course, it's one of the busiest weeks for my work and I have been trying to focus my attention there to help pass the time. However, it is always there stuck in the back of my mind.

Amazing how a little piece of plastic showing me a smiley face or an empty circle occupies my mind...I hate how strong of a pull that stupid little ovulation test has on me.

I am ready to be on the road to the next step.

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