Monday, May 2, 2011

Gearing up again...3rd IUI and final month before IVF

Here we go again.

I should be getting a + OPT either later today or tomorrow and that means that we heading in for our 3rd and final IUI.

I am ready to go and get moving all ready. We are ready to move on if that's what's in store for us, we are ready to be pregnant if that's what's in store for us. We have made our peace with having to move to IVF if needed and are gearing up for it.

Unfortunately, it pushes us into 2012 before the baby would be due and that's going to be tough. We have me covered by both insurances (mine and Aaron's) and we will be starting over with our deductibles, which means it will be more out of pocket than it would be if we were able to get it done in this year. That part kind of stinks, but at least it will be covered pretty well.