Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year everyone

Well, it's the last day if 2012 and I am ready to move into 2013 in a major way!!

Our 2012 was rough.

Aaron left his job in February, which took us down to being a one income family for most of the year. It was a tough decision to make but he was very unhappy in the job, it was starting to greatly affect our relationship. We talked long and hard about our options, we decided he needs to do what he enjoys so he started back to school to get his degree in computer programming. He started temp work a few weeks age at a company in the next town and it is going very well. They are planning to hire him full-time and still be flexible with his class schedule so he can finish his degree.

We lost my mother in June, which was a tremendous blow to me and my life. I miss her everyday and it's not something I will easily forget. Our relationship was not perfect, it was often up and down, but in the end she was my mom. I have so many questions about being a mom that I would love to ask her now. I am very sad she she won't be around to see her grandchild grow up in person, but I know she is the guardian angel for the baby.

We did 2 rounds of IVF this summer, it was difficult and painful. We had success with the second round and became pregnant but it lead to miscarriage quickly. We were heartbroken and took some time to recover before moving on to a frozen transfer. It was discouraging and sad, but we pulled together, I am pretty sure it made us stronger as a couple overall.

We then lost Aaron's grandmother, Augusta in September right before Aaron's 33rd birthday. It shook his entire family to the core. She was a strong woman who was the head of the family in so many ways. She loved her children and grandchildren so much, they were the light of her life. Everyone will miss her greatly but now we have another guardian angel.

We did the frozen transfer in October and found out in November, we were finally pregnant!!! To say we were excited was an understatement. We worked so hard and went through so much to get to this point. It was nerve-wrecking to wait for all the tests and ultrasounds to see the baby was doing okay. We reached 12 weeks yesterday and that's an amazing accomplishment for us. Now we are in the second trimester and we have so much to look forward to as we move closer to meeting our baby in July.

Now bring on 2013 and the new adventures it will bring for us!

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