Monday, February 21, 2011

Femara = nothing compared to Clomid

Well I have one more dose of Femara to take this month in prep for our first IUI hopefully sometimes next week! I have to say that compared to the side effects I had on Clomid, this has been nothing. I have had a little headache (had one on Clomid for days after I was done) and been sleepy but restless sleepy...that's it.

Now we wait to see how long it is going to take my body to respond to it, this month is really a guessing game because it's a new medicine and my body can be funky anyway. I start using the OPT (ovulation tests) on Thursday and as soon as we have a positive, we are heading to the RE's office for the procedure!! I can't wait, it's been such a journey just to get here, I know it's not a guarantee (in this process, the only guarantee is that things will not be how you planned them to be - they definitely have their own course plotted out) but it's better than our chances have been up until now. I can't help but be excited about it.


  1. crossing fingers and waiting anxiously!

  2. I SO hope and pray that this will be it for you...How exciting! You have been on such an emotional (and physical) journey but I'm positive it will have a beautiful ending! One thing is for sure this baby will be loved and wanted sooooo much. There is nothing more that a child could ask for other than the two of you.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your support. After this long journey, we are ready to come out on the other side. We just want a little one in our lives and are very ready for it now!