Friday, February 25, 2011

Really sad today

Well just when I thought it was safe to be friends with someone...BAM! Not so fast.

I had recently rekindled a friendship with a person I met in college, she was a good friend to me then. However, she did not understand when I began dating an ex because she thought the situation was not good. We talked then and came to the understanding that we were just going to go along without being friends anymore. It was tough but all right because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Now, when I got divorced we became friends again through social networking (isn't that very 21st century?) and I thought things were all right. We don't live near each other and haven't in a good number of years, but I thought we had made peace with the past and were starting from here catching up on the years that were lost in between. Needless to say, I found out today that she in fact has harbored hostile feelings toward me for all this time. I was furious, mainly because I thought we had moved past all of that and were moving in a new direction...apparently not. The worst part for me is finding out through mutual friends that this is what the REAL story was, that just makes me even more furious because I had been honest with her.

Last time I checked, we are 30 years old...not small children who have to fight and lie to one another.

I was angry but I took the coward's way out...I sent her an email. It wasn't nice and all "I forgive you" it was "I am hurt that after all this time you didn't think it was something I needed to know." I cannot continue to invest my time with someone who is angry at me for something that happened a decade ago. I don't have time for that kind of nonsense in my life right now. So I ended the re-kindled friendship.

It makes me so angry because it's so childish to act this way. I have pity for them because they do not know what it's really like to know what a friendship can be like with honest and open communication. I hope someday they grow up and realize that there are more important things in live aside from holding onto grudges. Especially ones like this.

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  1. Sorry Sweetie! You don't need that in your life.