Thursday, August 4, 2011

Results from retrieval

We have 8 eggs that fertilized of the 14!!

All 5 of the ones they injected the sperm into fertilized and 3 of the ones they put the eggs and sperm in the same dish fertilized. This is awesome news.

They will watch for until Saturday morning to decide which are the 2 best ones are to transfer. If they are all looking pretty good or look like they need a little more time, they will watch them until Monday. We won't get the call until Saturday morning about coming in, so it's a waiting game now.

We are going to transfer 2 - we have a good chance of both of them taking which would mean that we won't have to do this ever again.

I am so excited and relieved right now.

I feel much better today than yesterday, still sore and a little crampy but pretty much better than it was.


  1. So awesome! I've been following you on WTE since October-ish. So excited that you guys are so close to your forever BFP. Thinking about you!
    AJ (AJoy82)

  2. 8 eggs is great! Are y'all going to freeze the ones you don't transfer just in case you need them later? So exciting!