Thursday, November 18, 2010

30??? BRING IT ON!!

Well 2 days past HSG and I feel like a human again. Thank God! Pretty much within the time frame they told me I was back to my normal self. No more lying on the bed feeling like my abdomen was going to burst as in the scene from Aliens when the alien jumps out.

This is great because this weekend - Saturday to be specific, I turn 30!! I am so excited about it! I know many people do not want to get older, but I really love it.

I think I am better now than I was at any point in my life before this.

I have the love of my life, great friends, a wonderful job and co-workers, and an amazingly crazy family that never ceases to surprise me! I also have accomplished so many of the goals I had for myself by this age:

1. I wanted to be in the career I always wanted to be in (check)
2. I wanted to be with a man who I could love and would love me unconditionally (check)
3. I wanted to have my Master's Degree (check)
4. I wanted to own my home (check)
5. I wanted to have my own family (no check :-( but we are working on it)

I think I am doing pretty well. I know that being a parent will happen for us and that it will work out the way it was meant to in the end. We may only be able to have one, but we will get there.

This weekend will be awesome: I have my book club tomorrow night, then dinner with the great husband - Saturday now includes a visit from a great old friend, then bowling with the friends - Sunday involves lunch with this friend and then onto the Rams game for a great game! WOOHOO! I can't wait for it!

30 doesn't scare me, I think it will be my best decade yet!

I have learned so much about myself and the amount of strength it takes to go through this rough process. I never knew I was so strong before and that's saying something coming out the other side of a divorce. Even then, I didn't know I could endure so much emotional (and physical) struggle to accomplish a goal without giving up. I think it's my good old Irish stubbornness as my mom would say that keeps me going from month to month, test to test.

To everyone who is apart of my life - this weekend is a celebration of you in my life helping me get here! I love you!

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