Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plan set up - let's get going all ready!!!

Okay, back from the RE....minus 5 vials of blood they withdrew before I left the office.

Step #1 - Aaron is to get to a sperm analysis (he is on board with this) - will probably be done next week. We are supposed to head out to Colorado for his cousin's wedding and we are going to see if he can get it done that morning before we leave since he doesn't have any more time off work until his vacation days roll over in January.

Step #2 - I am going to have an HSG when we get back from Colorado (has to be done between cd 5-10, cd 5-6 are when we are still in Colorado.) Just have to work out the details with the fertility clinic my RE works out of and make a plan with MIL to take me since Aaron can't take anymore time off work and I don't feel comfortable going by myself.

Step #3 - If those come back clear or my tubes become clear from HSG, we are going to start Letrozole and IUI. The great thing is this clinic does IUI Mon-Sat! Makes life much easier. This gives us a 5-8% chance of conceiving and we can do this for 3-6 months.

Step #4 - this part may be optional depending on how we feel about continuing IUI. We can switch to injectable meds and IUI. This gives us a 8-15% chance of conceiving. The issue is the injectable meds tend to have more side effects and are touchy - this will have to be something we consider.

Step #5 - IVF - 50-60% chance of conceiving. If we are going to do the injectables, we may as well consider this one. Would need really close monitoring and it's quite a process.

So that's that. I am glad we have a plan worked out and can get stuff done. I am ready to get it all going!!!

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