Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HSG & vaccines = rough day

I had the HSG yesterday and it was rough. They had issues with the catheter staying in the correct place and had to switch it out a few times (talk about OUCH!) before they could get the dye to stay in place. So the procedure should have taken about 5 minutes ended up taking about 25 minutes. By the end of it, I just wanted it to be done with all ready and was rather crampy all night. I don't think it would have been so bad if they hadn't had issues with the equipment.

They said that they didn't see anything that was blocking it, but I will have the final results in the next few days.

I did talk to my RE to let them know that I got vaccine and I asked them to explain to me about the 30 day waiting period. The nurse (who is wonderful at answering questions) said she had the same thing happen to her and then the waiting period was 3 months after getting the shot before trying to get pregnant! I am glad that's not the case! She said because in this shot, they inject a little of the live virus and they want to make sure it's all set because it can cause complications in the pregnancy and potential for miscarriage. They didn't want to take any chances with complications if we could possibly prevent it. I just wanted the reason why and now I feel better about it, it's done anyway so we are now in the 30 day countdown!!

So the plan is to get through this cycle, start the Letrazole and then hopefully be able to the first IUI right before Christmas. The only issue is that I may be ovulating right around Christmas Eve or Day and they are not open then. We will have to see though how it works. I am not sure how this cycle is going to go because I am not on Clomid so I am not sure if my body is going to continue on track or not.


  1. Glad thats over for you. I was wondering how it all went, but wasn't sure you'd be up for talking last night.

  2. I am glad it's over as well, I felt pretty crappy that night and tried to stay as low key as I could. This basically meant that I stayed on the couch watching TV and then headed to bed super early!