Monday, November 8, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Thought of the day - why is it when you are busy you are so busy you can barely keep it all straight, but when you have nothing going on, it's pretty profound???

The next few weeks are so insane I am all ready holding my breath to survive!

This week: aside from normal work stuff
1. Aaron's testing is Thursday morning on our way to the airport
2. Heading to Denver for Aaron's cousin Dane's wedding, which is getting through airport security - ick
3. Thursday night - getting our rental car, getting checked in to the hotel, heading to the rehearsal dinner
4. Friday - get wedding present for the wedding since we didn't want to have to worry about the present getting smashed packed in luggage, evening wedding!
5. Saturday - brunch with the newlyweds
6. Getting home and ready for the week with only a few hours to do so!

Upcoming week:
1. Rescheduled parent meeting first thing Monday morning
2. HSG scheduled for Tuesday afternoon
3. Book club with 2 books I haven't read a page of yet!
4. 30th birthday celebration!!!! :-)
5. Rams football game

THEN - it's getting ready for our first Thanksgiving in our new home for 10 people! YIKES!!

So incredibly busy!!

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