Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another morning, another temp drop

We are officially out this month.

I got an even bigger temp drop this morning and a negative test again, take that with the serious spotting/borderline light flow and we are done for the March/April cycle.

I did my anger and sad phase yesterday, I am pretty sure I got it out of my system so I am ready to move on again. We struggle with this month after month, but once I have my day to act like a super girly-girl and cry/carry on/scream, I get it out and I am ready to go along. This is the way that I deal with things and it may not work out for everyone, it does for me.

Aaron was able to go out with his cousin on Friday night and talk about his emotions, which has really helped him deal with how he has been feeling. He has bottling it up so much and I can see it on his face. It makes me sad that I can't help him deal with things, but I am grateful that he is talking to someone about it all.

This journey takes us both on such a roller coaster of emotion and there are many times, we both want to just quit and give up. The ability to keep going is something we have to pull up from somewhere and I am afraid that my supply is going to start to run dry soon.

Where do you get more confidence or strength to continue when it feels like the weight of the world is pushing down on your shoulders?? This is the point I am on right now, just trying to sort it out to find the strength to continue, yet again.

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