Monday, April 4, 2011

Rough morning = positive outcome???

This morning was not an easy ride to the RE's office for the procedure. It was pouring rain and hailing for about 1/2 the trip and I was really worried were not going to get there in time because people apparently felt that the accelerator was only meant for dry weather and couldn't get moving. Either way, we made it in time.

Then, the second part to the rough start was that they were having issues with my cervix (remember, I did warn you that I will share things...sorry goes with the territory) and had to move it around manually to get everything in the right spot. Needless to say it was not an easy procedure compared to last month's and I am feeling it more today than I did last time. I did come to school because I didn't think it was going to be too bad, man am I wishing I had stayed home afterward. Oh well, I guess I will just take some pain relievers and push through it. I am for sure changing into comfy stuff and doing as little as possible tonight.

Maybe we will have the luck, the worse the situation to start with the better it will be in the end.

I did find out from the nurse about the specifics of my progesterone test from last time, it was 17.5 which is really good. I don't have to go for follow up blood work this month since we didn't change the medicine or anything. I just have to let them know in 2 weeks if I get a positive home pregnancy test and we will go from there.

Aaron and I talked over the weekend about everything because he is having a really hard time dealing with all of this right now (and I am too, let's not be foolish here). We would like to jump to the next step as quickly as possible if this doesn't work, it's just so hard for us. We spent hours talking about it this weekend, including nearly an hour last night because neither of us could sleep very well. He is really struggling with his feelings of failure and stress over it all, I have been at this point for a long time now, it just took him longer to get here. He needs to talk to someone he feels comfortable talking about these things with because he doesn't want to add anymore to what I am carrying. I do understand that and am not upset that he doesn't talk to me about all of what he feels, I just want him to make sure to talk to someone so he isn't just carrying it around in his head all of the time. I told him it's okay if it's not me, please find someone though.

When we were at the RE's today, we asked about moving on and they said they would really prefer if we did at least 3 IUI's before moving onto IVF which would be our next step. The reasoning behind it being that this is only the 2nd month we know for sure that his swimmers have gotten to my egg at the optimal time. Of course, we are going to default to them and listen to what they are saying, they are the specialist after all. It's just disappointing.

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  1. If I could I would send you and Aaron a package of hugs and love. I know this all has been difficult on the both of you, but know I'm hear to listen and be a shoulder to cry on.