Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A week of so much and nothing all at once

This week has been so hectic, I can hardly even believe it.

I have so much going on at work as we prepare for the state testing and there is so much pressure for us to succeed at this this year. We have been working on these practices to help the students to prepare for the testing which is at the end of the month. It is tough for my students because many of them struggle with their reading and understanding of the material on their own. I know they will do the best they can.

I have had the worst luck with things this week and I am not sure I am liking the message that karma is sending me at the moment. I am hoping that all the bad luck now is so that good things will be coming my way in the very near future.

Example yesterday: 1) my cell phone would not work at all when I got up, I had to take the battery out on 2 separate situations just to make it power on. 2) dealt with MANY student issues - skipping, failing, etc and spent tons of time on the phone with parents or emailing them (such an easier way of dealing with parents that are hard to get hold of during the day). 3) a guilt trip from a loved one about something silly. 4) Spending an hour and half at the phone service place for them to get my phone back to working (it is finally working - actually better than it did when I bought it in November), however I lost all of my apps on my phone as well as my message history. 5) dropped $40 in the parking lot as I was leaving the phone store and didn't realize it until I went to pay for dinner - I went back to look for it and of course it was gone, someone just became $40 richer at my expense. 6) the fast food place messing up my food but me not realizing it until I was all ready home. 7) spending yet another 2 hours on the phone trying to deal with the hotel issue that is plaguing our trip to Vegas next month (long story short - the hotel we booked is closing down and we are being shifted to a new one, but there is a HUGE delay on getting everything confirmed due to the amount of reservations that are displaced.). Why karma????? What did I do to deserve this??

So onto TTC stuff - not really much is happening there right now.

We are just waiting and waiting to see what will happen. I don't feel really any different than I do any other time, so I am not sure what to think about that. I keep expecting some kind of symptoms to show up, but I have nothing as of right now. Makes me kind of annoyed though because there have been so many months when I was absolutely convinced that I was having all these symptoms and then nothing would come from it. Maybe this is a good sign?? I don't know what to think at this point. I did decide to test earlier than recommended simply due to lack of symptoms and the randomness that is my temperature chart. I know I am torturing myself by doing this, but after all this time - what the hell??? I found a good deal online, 20 tests for about $5 plus shipping. The ones in the store are a small fortune to buy just for 2 or 3 and these are the ones they use in the doctor's office anyway. And fortunately, we would have some back up ones lying around. This is a fascination of women who are TTC calling being a "POAS addict" otherwise known as "peeing on a stick addict." I am normally really good about it, but this month I was just too tempted and I don't know why, but thankfully they are not here yet so I have not been testing this early which is incredibly inaccurate anyway.

I went back to tracking BBT this month just to see what was happening and it's interesting to see how it all moves along over the course of the month for the different parts of the cycle. Here is the my chart if anyone is interested in looking at it. I use an online tracker which helps me keep them all in the same place and it was really helpful for me to take it all to the RE's for her to see how my body had reacted to Clomid. It's kind of pain to get back in the habit of getting up at the same time everyday (even weekends) to make the temping as accurate as it can be, but I have become used to turning off the alarm, grabbing the thermometer and then going right back to sleep when I am done.

Less than 5 days to know what the new situation will hold for us...trying to be positive.

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