Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day #30 "Highs and lows of the month"

The highs of the month:

1. Spending some serious time with my favorite people - you all know who you are and I would not have survived this month without you in any capacity. You are all amazing and you make me a better person, a better wife, a better friend, and a better altogether human being. I love you more than words can say and you are the light in my life that keeps me going through my dark times. I look forward to all the fun we will have in the upcoming months/years.

2. Realizing that I enjoy this outlet - this challenge reminded me again about how I enjoy putting my thoughts and ideas out there - mostly so they are not in my head anymore. The more I have done this, the more I have realized I keep in too many things. My newer friends lately that I wrote about a few posts ago have helped me to realize how much I keep to myself. This has been the place this month for me to deal with some of the feelings as well as allowing me to have a topic when I need to be able to sit down and write.

The lows of the month:

1. Things I cannot write about here because it is not the place for the kind of outlet. I realize that I have written things here that are open and honest, but not all honesty is appropriate for all places and locations.

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