Friday, February 10, 2012

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 12: "Bullet your day"

My day:

  • Woke up at 6:20 am
  • Chatted with a friend who is having incredible difficulties right now
  • Took a shower
  • Put lotion on my tattoo that is now nearly healed :-)
  • Stopped for coffee and bought a lottery ticket ($325 million in Powerball - can't hurt!)
  • Drove to work
  • Ate my breakfast at my desk
  • Met with my department for a short meeting
  • Finished paperwork for a meeting today
  • Worked with a coworker on some technology questions I had
  • Printed all the paperwork for the meeting with a parent
  • Watched a video with my students on Native Americans and African Americans in the new frontier
  • Taught US History class
  • Had a meeting with a parent
  • Worked with my students on spelling
  • Worked with my students on reading instruction
  • Chatted with my coworker after school
  • Drove home with much work to be done this weekend
  • Hung out with my husband for a few while decompressing from the day
  • Worked on and completed my paper that is due for tomorrow
  • Ordered Chinese food
  • Graded all my students work
  • Entered all the grades into the online grade program
  • Read a chapter for my graduate class
  • Outlined the chapter
  • Outlined my paper that is due on Monday night
  • Watched 10 episodes of "Friends" while working on school work
  • Enjoyed a tasty beer while reading/outlining the chapter

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